We love inspiring new points of view, and challenging limits to explore new possibilities.

We firmly believe that within each person there and immense amount of innovative potential waiting to be unleashed. Through our talks we share our experiences and knowledge with multi-profiled people. Your aim in each of these people is to transform their point of view, and for them to take with them not OUR truth, but one which they have discovered themselves.

We commonly give talks in various forums, innovation environments, Universities, Businesses and advertising agencies, within Spain and in Latin America.

DM9 DDB – Sao Paolo, Brazil

An exceptional audience, in one of the most creative agencies in the world, where its entire creative team is willing to break barriers and widen their perspectives.

A dynamic and lively talk to discover hidden creative powers


A talk with the aim to mobilize the innovative capacity and creativity within each and every one of us. An entire agency willing to view reality through new perspectives.

MEDIALAB – Madrid, Spain

Within an entrepreneurial environment and surrounded by start-ups, we dealt with innovation as the engine which drives entrepreneurial empowerment, through key tools to successfully undertake anything you want. We focussed on the how, but also from where to do this.

COMO – Madrid, Spain

How do we get ideas? The experience of 25 different people focussed on a talk, to identify and model the process of learning to be more creative, and unveil our unconscious potential.

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