What we believe in

We are experts in organizational transformation and accelerating the development of innovative cultures as well as internal processes of innovation. We’re lucky.

We get to live in a thrilling human evolutionary era. We live immersed in the 4th industrial revolution, which means that we have the necessary digital and technological resources to transform with world into a better place for everyone. We only need to know what we want to transform, and do it.

Challenging the status quo of any business model means rethinking our way of doing, as well as what we’re doing and who we are.

The Box Innovation is an innovation consultancy founded by two professionals with over 20 years experience in developing creative capabilities in big businesses, brands, teams and leaders in over 15 countriesaround the world.

In our processes we constantly find double point of view thanks to ourknowledge and experience in facilitation and training alongside our creativity and consultancy capabilities. We are experts in executive coaching, team coaching, visual & design thinking, new code NLP trainees, Innovation Styles practitioners, formers and coaches at the head of a powerful and innovative international metamodel.

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